Friday, 10 March 2017

Response to advisor meeting with Andrew Cooks on March 10th, 2017

During our 1:20 min meeting we mainly discussed my idea for the second year project and the painting I am currently working on.

Andrew gave me valuable feedback to the current studio work. We looked at the work of Spanish painter Tapies and discussed Anish Kapoor’s wax piece. Andrew encouraged me to make the work more visceral. We discussed the way of application (gestural) and color and that I should make the red more a part of the history of the painting. It should not only seem to be added at the end.

As far as my second year project is concerned I had asked Andrew what he thinks if I suggested a curatorial project in which I would select a group of artists from all over the world, who have been or are currently responding to the politics in their country. Artists that had come to my mind are Kent Monkman, Fred Terna, Farid, Fawz, Andrea Haenggi,  Charles Heller, Lorenzo Pezzani and others. I wanted to find several artists who work in the US and who will be responding to current US politics.

Art as a mirror of society. I am aware that there are thousands of artists who respond to their environment, so it would really be my random selection of artists who respond to the politics of their countries. Andrew encouraged me to think about this project more and to make it more clear why I want to do this, what the outcome would be and what the common ground it. What do I want it to do to the viewer? We spent about one hour discussing this subject and I understand that I really need to think about this much more before I decide if I want to suggest this as a second year project.  

All of Andrew’s feedback makes sense to me. I am very thankful for the conversation. In regards to the second year paper I will collect ideas and words during the next weeks and decide which way I will go. As far as the painting is concerned, I will work on it more next week and will post what I have next week on my March 15th blog post.

Great meeting Andrew, thank you for pushing me!


  1. Not that you have time, but I'd love to hear more about yours and Andrew's thoughts about the gestural vocabulary in the painting. That, and the idea that "red" ought to be more present in the history of the painting, and not introduced as almost an afterthought, really catch my attention here. I'm eager to begin thinking about painting in such ways that are still unfamiliar to me...

  2. Hi Derek,
    well as you know I paint in layers and the underlying layer is a map of the Scheunenviertel. Underneath the buildings you can see in the painting (represented by various colours) there are 'ghostly' appearances of buildings which are black like the background . So you only see them when you look at the painting from the side. I agree, that if I add that same red tone of a colour to the city it will look less like the red is an afterthought. I will work more on the painting in the next two days and will see what happens. In painting, there is the discussion on the one side, an then the actual work and progress that often need to go into a different direction to follow the palette, the composition, eye movement and all the other rules. I think I remember you said you come from painting so I am sure you understand what I mean. I will respond to what I have so far now and will hopefully be able to show images of the finished painting by Wednesday. Would you like to Skype in two to three weeks, once more studio work is done ?