Saturday, 4 November 2017

Response to advisor meeting with Jean Marie on November 3rd

Today I had a very good meeting with Jean Marie in which we mainly discussed the new video I had sent to her. We discussed that the film needs either subtitles or me speaking English or that it can be a combination of both.

We discussed that I should show both paintings and video work in Berlin. Also, rather than creating two or three other films during the next few months I will rather focus on this one video and experiment with it.

The first step will be to take one segment, the scene in which I talk about the non-existence of god (the carpet scene) and try to do the piece with an English voice and then again with subtitles and then we look at it…..and decide what is better.

I mean, some of the segments of the film will need subtitles anyways, like for example my sister’s voice introducing our grandfather in German, I will need to put subtitles under that part.

We also discussed that the transition from black and white to colour is too much and that I should try to desaturate the colour parts, to pull some of the colour out in those areas.

Jean Marie also suggested that I prolong the scene with my grandfather’s projection on my body.

Jean Marie recommended me to watch ‘The March’ by Abrahams, Agnes Verda’s work, Harun Farocki, Der Ausdruck der Haende and Workers Leaving the Factory,, for experimental for superimposing Man Ray’s Emak Bakia, and in regards to two channel videos to watch Shirin Neshat’s Turbulence,
Nina Katchadourian , Mary Lucier, Douglas Gordon. In terms of painters she suggested I look at Gustav Metzger’s work (what an amazing artist, I cannot believe I haven’t seen his work before. I just read about him and looked at his work and see that Anselm Kiefer has ‘borrowed’ some ideas from him….) and Robert Rauschenberg.

It was a great meeting with a very good feedback and suggestions for next steps in my work, I am excited to go back to the film now, translate all my German texts and experiment more with it……

Thank you for pushing me! I appreciate your honesty, for giving me the space to experiment with video and for helping me to improve my work.

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