Sunday, 15 April 2018

Blog post April 15th, 2018

Blog post April 15th

Here is a link to the new video. As discussed earlier, I am creating an avalanche of images to represent memory - collective memory and personal memory. 

It is not quite finished yet, please give me one more week before we discuss the work

Weimarer Republik, upcoming of Nazis, burning synagogues, Nazi Rallies, Reichskristallnacht, The Blitz, War, destruction, Holocaust, Nuernberg trials etc etc etc etc.

Ideally, the video would need to be played at the same time as History as Personal Memory. Once it is finished, I would like to experiment with playing them side by side. I was able, last week, after writing my texts on 16mm film and projecting it on a green screen to lay it over some of the images. 
It took a long time to figure that out......

Here is an image of my new painting with layers and layers and layers of text. The title is probably

Was ich haette sagen sollen, What I should have said
8 x 11.5 feet, 
tar, acrylic, charcoal and soil, 
March & April 2018 

I think it needs some more layers.

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