Sunday, 6 May 2018

Advisor meeting with Andrew Cooks on May3rd, 2018

Andrew and I discussed my paintings and the new video in our meeting. My intention had been to take some of my canvases to Berlin and to stretch them there. We talked about the difference of stretched versus unstretched canvases. Andrew suggested that I put my canvases directly onto the wall without stretching them. Even though I really liked the transformation that happened recently at the exhibition when my canvas was stretched, I will be much more flexible when we install the work in Berlin. This is a great relief, stretching this 8’ x 11.5’ size of canvases in Berlin would have been very costly (plus lots of hard work). Also, this will allow me to play with the installation of the work for some days. Andrew suggested I look at Magdalena Abakanowicz’ work. I realize I had seen the work, at least the standing figures in the Comtemporary Museum of Krakau. I see what you mean with the Abakanas and the way they are hung. 

My intention is to bring about 4 to 6 canvases to Berlin. However, I do not want to overwhelm the work of the other artists in the group, so if I can only hang one or two paintings that will work as well. I will make a suggestion for my selection once I have finished one of the paintings that I am currently reworking, revisiting. 

We talked about the videos and the possible ways of installation in Berlin. Since the paintings will be nailed to the wall, monitors that are somewhere in the room will losen up the installation. The best way to show the two videos would be on two monitors that stand side by side.

The second new video has been created to accompany not only the first video but also the paintings, the whole body of work and we agreed that they both should be shown in an infinite loop. An avalanche of images representing parts of German memory and some of my own childhood images. 

I have started my dialogue with Malvina, our common theme is memory.

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