Monday, 12 December 2016

Advisor meeting Dec 15 blog

In my second conversation with Andrew we first discussed the video I had posted on the November 15th blog. Andrew recommended me to sit with the work and to think of the piece like I work with my paintings: in layers. The work for the moment is too episodic and I need to get the layering process more across. Also ask myself what is the work of the work? What do I want it to do? So I suggested that I could go back and isolate and re-edit the two sequences where I overlay 1. Images of the destroyed city of Homs, Syria and 2. The burning refugee houses in Germany with the sound of my voice reading poems from Holocaust survivors. In this way I do what I do in my painting work: overlay different identities of different times on top of each other. Instead of painting two maps on top of each other I will be overlaying the sound of experiences of the Holocaust with the visual of current events. Andrew encouraged me to create several new videos in that way….

For the moment, however, I will be focussing on painting, since Andrew also asked me to bring a painting to NYC. I always paint on wood and my paintings are heavy. So in order to bring work to NYC I will create a painting on canvas and will bring it in a tube….

After the video we discussed my painting work, I showed Andrew my two new paintings and a painting I am currently working on. One of the pieces of advice Andrew gave me was that besides ‘going crazy’ with the loser painting work, I should also ‘exercise restraint’.

We discussed several other subjects and Andrew answered some questions I had regarding the program and the crit group. It was great and helpful to have that conversation.

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