Thursday, 14 December 2017

my advisor meeting with Andrew on December 14th

We discussed the possible format for the presentation in Berlin. It will definitely be helpful to discuss this further with my peers in Mexico, since I am not sure at this point if a panel or a single presentation would be the right format for me.

It was very helpful for me to get Andrew’s advice of how I can look at the presentation. I don’t have to think I need to talk about what happened to me, my trauma, etc but can strictly talk about the art, the work, the process, etc.

I can talk about material, absence of color, text, the formal aspects and discuss the work from the context of art history, which will definitely be a feasible approach for me to discuss the work in front of an audience. Andrew gave me some very good pieces of advice in that respect….

There might be a possibility that my video History as Personal Memory which has currently semi finalist status for the German United Film Festival gets chosen for the official selection. If that is the case, and I hope I will be informed about this still in 2017, then I would like to travel to Berlin instead of Mexico. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend both venues.

We did not discuss the question again if it is ok that I create a catalogue instead of a project report, but since I have already agreed with JM a couple of days ago and since I believe the two of you had a conversation about this, I believe it is correct for me to assume that it is fine for you, Andrew, if I go ahead with my planning of a catalogue.

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