Tuesday, 12 December 2017

my advisor meeting with Jean Marie on Tuesday, Dec 12

First, we discussed my video, the parts that work and the part I would need to come back to. This concerns my English voice over in the last part of the video. Jean Marie suggested that I created a bigger stretch in the parallel laying over of German and English voice (German should be underneath the English longer), also, that I rerecord the last part of my English language. At the moment, it sounds self-conscious and JM encouraged me to ‘direct myself’ and to read the text to someone I am close with, many times, which might help loosening up the piece.

We discussed if the conversation of the actual abuse should be right at the beginning and agreed to leave it at the end of the video

We discussed my whole body of work, how it all started in the summer and why, I talked about the importance of my readings at the moment which really help me go through this and face the work with my past.

It is not a problem to create a catalog instead of a project report, I will include a bibliography in the catalog. I really would like to create a detailed piece of work with many images and good quality paper (still have to investigate prices etc....)

Also I wanted to discuss how to present my work in Berlin for the MFA. My idea at the moment is to bring many canvases that are all put together / assembled in a chaotic way on the wall and the floor and also show the video on a separate moving wall. I am not quite sure how to discuss this personal work in front of people and am not quite sure how that fits into a panel discussion, but want to discuss this further also with Andrew and my cohort in the next few weeks. Can the work be the MFA? Or do I have to talk about it and explain the work? 

We discussed how to approach my next presentation in Mexico after my nightmare experience in Berlin and agreed that ‘less is more’. I do not want to overwhelm people anymore and give them too much information by reading and reading and explaining every single little detail of my work.

In regards to the video we agreed to let it sit in the current version for a little while and then approach it again with a new recording of my English voice in a couple of months.

Thank you Jean Marie for your time and helpful comments and feedback to my work.

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